We are looking for better solutions

instead of the usual ones ...


We dislike

  1. providing a lot of information instead of the optimal solution

    (information is available in Internet)

  2. solving problems and eliminating consequences instead of preventing them

    (it is always cheaper and more effective to prevent)

  3. providing recommendations without informing about hidden risks and their assessment for business and managers

    (this also takes more time, but business ethics is more important - only comprehensive assessment of situation will allow to choose the best solution)

  4. separate consideration of accounting, tax and legal issues - as a rule, they are closely interconnected and often by invisible threads

    (it may be legal, but later it is expensive from the taxation point of view)

  5. communication in the "right" language instead of understandable one

    (we intend to be understandable for our Clients, the "right" language is enough for us in our community:)

  6. rendering services without guarantees of protection of your interests

    (who protects interests beside the Service Provider)

  7. use only the template, proven solutions

    (templates are faster, easier and often effective, but not always allow you to find the best solutions for each situation + they do not allow you to hone your skills :)

  8. to start to solve the problem BEFORE the mutual understanding of the Main Goal with the Client

    (our Task is also to help correctly determine the Main Goal and necessary resources)

  9. "single-view" consideration of issues and their solutions

    (strategic approach and attention to details guarantee better solutions and results)

  10. informing about legislative rules and restrictions instead of options for solving the problem

    (not limitations, but opportunities and solutions are important)

  11. work only based on your requests

    (we will gladly answer your questions, but also initiate the necessary questions ourselves that are hidden from you and offer solutions)

  12. offering variety of options instead of the best one for your situation

    (it's harder and takes more time, but saves your time and allows you to apply better decisions faster)

  13. expecting decisions from you on issues you are not expert in

    (you pay for the tasks fulfillment , not for our questions)

  14. cost estimate, but not benefits and outcomes

    (price is consequence of the result, not the other way around)

  15. losses of time and resources to resolve situations without changing the approach and thinking that led to them

    (we can provide a solution and demonstrate in figures the benefits of changing some approaches, but only you can change them and gain such benefits...)



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