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are not only worthless, but dangerous as well...

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LEGAL SERVICES – as a tool


for Ukrainian progressive companies and foreign representative offices  we help to increase competitiveness of your business  due reduction of hidden risks and losses demonstrate savings and additional opportunities before starting work  and the result – in the agreed time confirmed by our clients’ cases

    find out just now - why our offer is beneficial for you

    12 years of succesfull work with Ukrainian and foreign companies



    You receive:


    The correct definition of the main goal + evaluation of the result, not the process, will save your time for business development


    We will define and eliminate hidden risks instead of dealing with their consequences


    Own litigation experience + work in tandem of experienced accountant and lawyer = application of the best and most secure solutions


    Strategic approach + accurate assessment of risks and opportunities = choice of correct and anticipatory actions


    and Ukrainian companies


    tax issues

    We will determine the hidden tax risks and opportunities for your business

    We will offer practical and non-standard solutions to tax issues

    • We will help to avoid or successfully pass a tax audit

    • Having preliminary estimated a probability, appeal penalties or advise other way saving your funds

    • We will prepare correct request for individual tax advice

    • We will find a way out of difficult situations

    protection of interests in courts and judicial enforcement services

    Firstly we will accurately estimate the real chances taking into account the practice and will propose a winning strategy

    We win if in trial or offer alternative solutions without trial

    We specialize in:

    • Collection of debts

    • Appealing against decisions of regulatory bodies

    • Resolving land, labor, corporate, credit disputes

    • Protection of intellectual property

    contract law

    We will help to reach more favorable agreements and correctly fix them in the contract (with a guarantee of your interests’ protection)

    • We will provide immediately an effective mechanism for resolving possible issues

    • We will select the optimal tax and contractual scheme (or individual solutions) specifically for your business

    • Correctly use the nuances of the contract of factorage, commissions, accession, royalties and other types of contracts

    • We will develop individual contract templates + step-by-step internal manual as a bonus

    HR issues

    We will ensure the resolution of all HR issues (with the guarantee of successfully passing inspections of the State Inspectorate for Labor and State Tax Service)

    We will implement the legal HR tools adapted for your business, including:

    • Control of fulfilment of tasks and labor discipline

    • Settling the real responsibilities of the director and employees

    • Working incentive payment systems

    • Protection of confidential information and trade secrets

    • Maintenance of HR records and in time drawing up of all necessary HR documents

    We will prevent or competently resolve labor disputes

    We will take upon ourselves the solution of all issues related to dismissal, if necessary (negotiations, legal, tax etc.)

    land and real estate transactions

    Define and help to avoid hidden risks before implementing transactions with land and real estate

    • Support of transactions at all stages, including:
    sale, lease, pledge, other transactions

    • Settle land issues and disputes (boundary disputes, recognition of property rights)

    • Privatization, changing of designated purpose

    • We will check and assess risks of contracts, schemes for investing in residential and commercial real estate

    the services for IT Business

    We will check and provide legal validity and protection of copyrights

    • We will correctly arrange transfer of property rights into ownership or use (software application, design layouts, illustrations, texts, photographs, TM) without negative consequences and risks

    • We will register TM and offer legal tools to protect TM and other intellectual property rights

    • We will prepare modern licensing agreements (royalties) + optimize taxation

    • We will accurately determine the real owner of proprietary copyright (employee, company or third parties), also verify the legality of the transfer/use of such rights

    liquidation of legal entities and bankruptcy

    We will offer the best option for liquidation of an legal entity (through bankruptcy, decision of the participants, redemption of corporate rights)

    • We will perform all necessary preparatory procedures, including transfer (sale) of assets, resolution of tax issues, staff reduction and debt settlement

    • We will go through all stages before excluding a legal entity from the State Register

    • We will minimize the participation of officials and owners and possible questions to them

    legal support of foreign companies and representative offices

    We will help correctly identify and control the legislative boundaries of representative functions and "profitability" for permanent and "non-permanent" representative offices

    We will register a representative office on a turnkey basis

    • We will draw up all necessary documents for foreign workers

    • We will plan the taxation of a representative office taking into account the certain provisions of legislation

    • We will provide legal support for all HR matters (better and cheaper than Directorate-General for Rendering Services to Diplomatic Missions)

    public procurement

    We will provide effective preparation and legal support of participants and organizers at all stages of tenders
    We will help to avoid expensive mistakes and timely apply the provisions of the tender legislation and relevant conditions taking into account our experience

    for Organizers:
    • We will plan and prepare tender procedures on a turnkey basis
    • We will develop or carry out an expert examination of tender documents
    • We will evaluate tender offers
    • We will provide drafting and legal support for procurement contracts

    for Participants:
    • We will prepare real tender offer on a turnkey basis
    • We will perform a preliminary expert examination and evaluation of tender documentation to identify tender conditions’ pitfalls
    • We will appeal against violations in organizing and conducting of tenders
    • We will preliminarily evaluate and help to avoid the hidden legal risks of tender contracts and conditions
    • We will protect against unfair competition and discriminatory tender barriers

    Business in Ukraine and Europe

    Get more information on additional opportunities our offices in Kiev, Vienna, Vilnius and Madrid provide for you and your business

    • We will select and offer profitable forms of investment, capital transfer and taxation using our offices in Kiev, Vienna, Madrid and Vilnius
    • We will register on a turnkey basis and provide comprehensive support for companies in these jurisdictions

    • We will compose a working shareholder's agreement taking into account your individual conditions
    • We will perform all necessary registration procedures
    • We will immediately implement effective measures to protect investments and interests of owners, including system of corporate risk prevention and settlement

    • We will organize purchase, sale, leasing of residential and commercial real estate in Austria, Spain and Lithuania on a turnkey basis
    • We will help you to select profitable and reliable European investment and insurance programs for protection and accumulation of capital

    (RU) Услуги для Фармкомпаний

    (RU) 1. Уполномоченный представитель производителя медицинских изделий

    2. Регистрация косметических продуктов (заключение СЭС, Технический регламент)

    3. Подготовка, Экспертиза Сопровождение договоров с учетом особенностей деятельности Заказчика, в том числе: Договоры обеспечения качества.

    4. Проверка маркировки, инструкций, рекламных и промо материалов на предмет соответствия требованиям законодательства, рекомендации по правильному оформлению

    5. Регистрация и защита ТМ, борьба с незаконным импортом

    (RU) Банковское и финансовое право

    (RU) Благодаря 7-летнему опыты работы в банках по сопровождению финансовых операций и взысканию кредитной задолженности, мы в совершенстве понимаем особенности банковской и финансовой отрасли и знаем как обеспечить Вашу защиту и решение бизнес задач.

    • поможем избежать дополнительных платежей и расходов (комиссии, проценты, штрафные санкции) за счет выявления скрытых ошибок в договорах с банками и финансовыми учреждениями

    • избавим от неоправданных расходов на юристов и адвокатов на сопровождение безосновательных/неперспективных споров

    • обеспечим грамотное юридическое сопровождение международного и локального кредитования

    • предложим выгодные варианты рефинансирования и реструктуризации задолженности

    • защитим ваши интересы в банковских и страховых спорах (в том числе судебных) и при обращении взыскания на имущество во внесудебном порядке

    • обеспечим правовую поддержку по вопросам, связанным с валютным законодательством, для компаний и физических лиц


    215 lawsuits

    84% won

    128 tax audits

    79% successfully appealed

    1027 successful projects

    $ 17,4 million of savings

    7-15 years of experience

    98% of required results achieved

    The team work of experienced accountant and lawyer is a shield
    and additional opportunities for your business


    You are always aware of the strategy for resolving
    the issue, its status and next step

    1. We agree the task and result; help to determine focus correctly
    2. We agree terms and other conditions
    3. In case of litigation firstly we will estimate the real chances and offer a correct strategy
    4. We designate the responsible person and convenient communication for the project
    5. We determine the work plan, order of sending questions and obtaining answers
    6. We implement the project and transfer you the result
    7. We answer your additional questions (if they arise)
    8. We provide a comparative result and savings in figures


    комплексного юридического сопровождения

    We will select the most suitable format of work and
    cost for your business + demonstrate savings in figures

    1. Solutions & Opportunities

    Benefits of this package: your Company will be assigned an experienced “remote” lawyer (to be aware of the “needs” of your Business) + his assistants colleagues (depending on the specifics of the issues), which you don’t need to look for, interview, formulate tasks, check their work, train, keep on staff, pay taxes from their salary and pay other expenses – we do it all ● you pay only when you have a question or a monthly fixed cost for an agreed number of questions ● the ability to provide a reliable tax and legal protection for your Business (from hidden legal and tax risks)for a disproportionately low cost in comparison with possible losses ● the ability to receive practical recommendations – for the optimal solution of emerging issues, including – choosing the right approach and strategy (1st important step). Since the necessary result and protection of your Business interests (safety of funds) directly depend on the correct 1st step. ● the ability to timely and correctly resolve all relevant legal and tax issues of your Business (2nd step) ● the ability to control, plan and optimize the costs of legal services – depending on real needs and issues (when you understand exactly what their solution is really necessary right now) ● flexible payment system (you can pay for services on the payment days set by your company, and additional work beyond the scope of this packageupon the fact of their implementation and the cost agreed upon with you in advance (taking into account the first step already taken) You get: 1. Suggestions of optimal ways and solutions – in case of any legal issues, including contentious ones – under contracts, taxes and labor relations (taking into account our successful judicial practice) + recommendations on how to avoid such controversial situations in the future (so as not to not be distracted by them, and at the same time, be confident in protecting your interests) 2. Preliminary examination by experienced lawyers of important contracts and transactions for hidden risks. Providing conclusions + recommendations for eliminating or minimizing identified risks 3. Consideration of controversial tax issues and practical recommendations for their optimal solutions (taking into account our judicial tax practice and working in tandem with an experienced accountant and tax lawyer) 4. Verification of the legality of requests or claims of regulatory authorities, including the tax service + practical recommendations for preparing the correct answers 5. Offers and opportunities for the beneficial use of the nuances of special agreements (commissions, instructions, affiliations, royalties and other types of agreements) 6. Checks and recommendations to protect the interests of the enterprise concerning labor issues (compliance with the Labor Code), which accountants often miss: ● Grounds for claims by the Employees and the State Labor Inspectorate – due to an unintentional violation by the enterprise of the requirements of the Labor Code (with a guarantee of successful passage of inspections). ● Compliance with internal rules and deadlines. ● Intended use and safety of goods and materials of the Enterprise used by employees (cars, computers, tools and equipment). ● Protection of confidential information of the enterprise. 7. Choosing the right path in the case of  court (in order to guarantee a win or avoid participation in a protracted process and the associated loss of money and time) 8. The possibility of payment – only for the result, not the process or time … + our initiative and opportunities to resolve other important legal, tax, personnel issues of your business + stop risk service (we will prevent hidden legal risks and losses) Bonus 1 *: Free verification of an existing business scheme, Start Up or an individual important agreement (or economic operation)for “underwater” legal and tax risks Bonus 2 *: 50% discount on “turnkey” registration (of the first enterprise or Sole proprietorship)for you or your partners, clients and acquaintances Bonus 3 *: Organization and conducting of contract work – systematization, proper accounting, control of the validity and implementation of all contracts Bonus 4 *: 30-50% discount off – the development from scratch of the main business agreement or tax scheme – specifically for your business. * upon conclusion of an annual contract before the end of the current month. Also learn about the additional features and benefits of this package specifically for your Business.

    from $ 377 / 9 440 UAH per month

    More info

    (7-10 any requests)

    2. Your legal department for the price of the salary of one (!) professional lawyer (at your office or remotely)

    Benefits of this package: You pay only a monthly fixed price for a turnkey practical solution to all legal issues of your Business (taking into account its features) + ours: initiation, offering optimal solutions and monitoring their implementation. In addition to the services of Package 1, you receive: the conditions are as close as possible to the work of an experienced attorney in your state or remotely + his assistants (if necessary), including: 9. Organization of systematic legal work for your company or their group – in accordance with the standards, responsibilities and under the control of the Law Firm 10. We ourselves initiate and solve all the necessary legal and related tasks – based on the needs of your Business and not expecting your questions 11. Practical assistance in reaching more favorable agreements and their correct fixing in the Agreement (with a guarantee of protection of your interests) + we immediately provide an effective mechanism for resolving possible issues 12. Development from “0” or improvement of your individual contract templates for your Business + simple and understandable instructions for their use – for responsible managers (to simplify and speed up the process of concluding contracts and preserve the protection of interests) 13. Legal practice tools for monitoring, motivating employees and protecting the interests of enterprises before regulatory bodies to comply with labor laws, including: ● intended use and safety of goods and materials of the Enterprise used by employees (cars, computers, tools and equipment); protection of confidential information of the Company; ● observance of the labor order and timely completion of tasks; ● a system of motivation and responsibility of employees; ● settlement of the real responsibility of the Director, Accountant and other employees; ● preventative measures or complete resolution of labor disputes (if necessary, we will take care of all issues related to dismissal – negotiation, legal, tax and others) 14.Protection of the interests of the Company in the Court before the tax authorities, as well as counterparties – in case of disputes or claims (first, we will accurately assess the chances, taking into account the practice and offer a winning strategy; if we sue, we win 97% of the time or we propose alternative solutions without Ships) Bonus 5 *: We will check, for free, the tax-contractual scheme of work that you have, we will finalize it if necessary, or – we will select a new, more optimal one specially for your business Bonus 6 *: 60-70% discount off – the development from scratch of the main business agreement or tax scheme – specifically for your business. Bonus 7 *: free “turnkey” registration (of the first enterprise or Sole proprietorship) – for you or your partners, clients and acquaintances. Bonus 8 *: representation of interests and legal protection of the Head as an Official before the regulatory authorities * upon conclusion of an annual contract before the end of the current month. Also learn about the additional features and benefits of this package specifically for your Business.

    from 14 200 UAH per month

    More info

    depending on requests of your business


    Do you use all legal and tax instruments to increase the profitability and security of your business?



    for your company


    Legal Issues Expert

    What level of legal and tax security  of your business and its CEO today?


    Check now (for free*) – are there latent legal or tax risks and defered losses**?


    * this offer is valid for three days for CEO who visited our site for the first time and count money

    ** thanks to our proven methodology – fast, without expensive audits and wasting time (plus – learn how to do it yourself)

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